Why a .boston web address?

Whether it’s for branding and marketing purposes, or the chance to own a piece of our beloved city, there are many reasons why a .boston domain name is a great choice.

.boston domain names work just the same as any other domain name: you can use a domain name ending in .boston in exactly the same ways you would use a domain ending in “.com”. Your website.com can become website.boston; your email@address.com can become email@address.boston;  and you can use a .boston domain to make it easy for your fans to quickly get to your social media pages (a domain like mytweets.boston can easily resolve to your Twitter account, for example!)

Using .boston domains show your Boston pride and help your fans, customers, students and the world to know you’re right here in The Hub. And because .boston domains are new, you’re likely to be able to get exactly the domain you want (unlike the overcrowded generic alternatives!)

Scroll down to learn more about .boston domains — don’t miss our informative explainer video!

Who is using .boston domains?

We launched .boston websites to the world on 10th October, 2017. Since then .boston domains have been adopted by many proud Bostonians! .Boston domains enable memorable, highly brandable URLs for business, non-profits, and individuals alike.

Here is just a small taste of the many awesome websites sporting a .boston domain!




Watch our explainer video and learn about the many uses of a .boston domain!

Watch our explainer video and learn about the many uses of a .boston domain!

Hatch 57 Photos awards (now in their 57th year!).

Partners and Friends

We’re proud to have powerful and supportive partners like The Boston Globe and The Ad Club.

During this month of November 2017, we’re celebrating The Ad Club’s annual Hatch awards (now in their 57th year!).

.boston Blog

Advertising .boston on the radio

We partnered with www.hello.boston to create eight original radio ads, which we ran hundreds of times over the first month of availability on the CBS-owned radio stations WBZ NewsRadio 1030 and 98.5 The Sports Hub Our 15-second and 30-second ads ran live to air and streaming over the internet. The month-long campaign was augmented by a blanketing of fun banner ads in the CBS Mobile+ app.

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Raising awareness of .boston on the busses (and the trains)

From launch day, we partnered with www.GoDaddy.boston to raise awareness of .boston domains across much of the Boston public transportation systems. On every line of “the T”, our ads ran in hundreds of train carriages, and on the surface streets, our boldly-wrapped busses featured dramatic .boston advertising.

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.boston launch day!

The 10th of October, 2017 will be remembered as a historic day in the development of the internet in the United States: this was the day that .boston domain names launched to the world. Launch Day of .boston featured an informal launch ceremony at Boston’s City Hall, presided by MMX VP Solomon Amoako. We were honored to be joined by dozens of partners and friends, not the least of which was the City of Boston’s acting CIO, Riley Zlab, and The Boston Globe team.

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