What is .boston?

.boston is a new top-level domain (TLDs) that provides meaningful and memorable domain names ending in .boston.

When did .boston launch?
 Sunrise Started  01 August 2017 | 16:00 UTC
Sunrise Ended  31 August 2017 | 16:00 UTC
Community Priority Started  08 August 2017 | 16:00 UTC
Community Priority Ended  06 October 2017 | 16:00 UTC
General Availability Started  10 October 2017 | 16:00 UTC
Claims Period Ends  09 January 2018 | 16:00 UTC
Why get a .boston?

Whether you are a business with a local footprint, a non-profit organization serving the Boston area, or simply a passionate resident of the city, Boston is an important part of who you are. Now it can be a part of your online presence. A .boston domain is a powerful way to show the world the value of your location online. It’s a way to show that you made it here, and you’re part of what makes this City great.

Where can I get one?

You can search for available .boston web addresses, here. Once you have found your web address, you will be able to register it through an independent reseller (referred to as registrars). For a complete list of registrars that offer the .boston web address visit the Registrars page.

What is the difference between a domain name and a website?

If you think of a domain name as your address on the web, then you should think of a website as the content you build on your address. A website can take many shapes and forms, from a simple one page promotional landing page to a personal blog to a complex e-commerce website. Building a website will help you to get the maximum value out of your domain name.

What is the value in getting a good domain name?

Since your domain name is likely to be the first thing you mention, and the last thing you want people to remember when you pitch your business, brand or blog, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good one. A short, memorable domain name can help inspire people to type it into their web browsers; to click or tap on it on their mobile phones; and to share it with their friends. It’s also a great way to help your website get found by the search engines.

Do I need a domain name?

Whether you want to promote a business, brand or organization; sell a product or service; share a point of view or engage with a community — the Internet is one of the best ways to do it. A domain name gives you the ability to use the worldwide web as your marketing channel.



What are .boston Premium Names?

A Premium Domain Name is a high value web address that has been reserved by the .boston Registry. These include popular keywords and generic terms that are highly searched for and/or brandable marketing terms and call-to-action phrases that create and drive web traffic.

How much do .boston Premium Names cost?

The Registry charges all registrars identical premium fees, which are factored into the price paid by .boston registrants, however, each registrar may determine its own markup. The fees charged for .boston Premium Names by the registry are set based on a variety of attributes including, name length, industry, potential usage, among others. Please note that each registrar determines the retail price they will charge. Please check with your preferred .boston Retailer for further details regarding the price of specific .boston premium domain names.

How and where can I register a .boston Premium Name?

Registering a .boston Premium Name is exactly like registering any standard domain name from your preferred .boston Retailer. Simply visit one of a growing list of retailers, type in the name you’re interested in, put it in your cart and pay for it. The only difference is price. This allows you to put your new domain name to work right away.

What is the .boston registry doing to safeguard trademarks that may appear on the .boston premium list?

While it is impossible to guarantee how a domain name will be used, the .boston Registry based its premium list off of highly-trafficked generic terms and keywords reducing the likelihood that domain names will be targets for cybersquatters. We took care in devising the .boston Premium Names lists and do not seek to profit unfairly off of the registration of registered trademarks. Notwithstanding, as it is possible for generic words or phrases to be registered as trademarks, a limited number of .boston Premium Names may correspond to registered trademarks. For these marks, Trademark Holders will still receive claims notices for the first 90-days after the release of .boston Premium Names if their marks are registered by a third party, and may choose to take action if such registrations occur in an infringing manner. Ongoing, the .boston Registry has implemented rights protection mechanisms as stipulated by ICANN – the Uniform Rapid Suspension and the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.


What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format that allows people to find information on the Internet. The Domain Name System maps domain names to servers where the content resides, based on each server’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example, or 2001:503:A83:0:0:2:30). Instead of accessing information by IP address, a domain name allows people to navigate to Web sites and send email using familiar, easy to remember names (i.e.

What is a domain name registry?

For the Internet to function and to prevent duplication of web addresses there has to be one authoritative place to store registration information for domain names in a specific domain name extension. Each extension (example: “.boston”) has an authoritative registry, which manages a centralized database. The registry inputs the information about domain names in zone files to enable communication over the Internet for applications like credit card processing, bank transactions as well as Web browsing and email. A registry provides this service to registrars who accept registrations from domain name registrants.

What are domain name registrars?

Registrars provide domain name registration services directly to registrants such as helping them find, register, renew, and delete domain names. They send the information to the registry for entry into the centralized registry database.
Accredited Registrars of the .boston Registry are those registrars that not only have been accredited to do business by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and have also executed a Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) with MMX. (Team, is this correct?)

What is a .boston registrant?

A .boston registrant is a company, organization or individual who registers a .boston domain name.

What is WhoIs?

Every registry is required to maintain a WHOIS database with details about registered domain names as well as contact information about the owners of such names. For each registered domain name, the publicly available WHOIS database includes the following information: domain name; registrar of record; the registrar’s referral URL; last updated date; contact details for Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing; and name server information. The .WHOIS database maintained by MMX is the authoritative directory for all domain names registered in the .boston namespace.




Who can register .boston domains?

Anyone! While .boston is best for businesses, organization and residents of Boston, anyone is able to register domain name.

Where can I register .boston domain names?

.boston domain name registrations are available through registrars that have been accredited to do business by the ICANN. .boston web addresses may also be offered by resellers and hosting providers that operate under a contract with one of the accredited registrars.
For a list of all registrars selling .boston domain names, please click here.

If I don't see my provider listed as an accredited .boston registrar, can I still register my .boston domain name with them?

.boston domain names are available through directly accredited registrars and their resellers. If your registrar is a reseller of a directly accredited .boston registrar you may still be able to register your domain name with them. To check whether your provider offers .boston domain name registrations, please visit their site directly.



How do I determine the availability of a .boston domain name?

To determine the availability of a particular .boston domain name, please search on any of ur accredited registrars sites.

Can I register .boston domain names in other languages?

Yes. Currently, you may register .boston domain names in Spanish. Other languages may be added in the near future. Please check back for additional updates.

Can I register more than one .boston domain name?

Yes! You may register as many .boston domain names as you would like.

Why are some domain names unavailable for registration?

Domain names may be unavailable for one of several reasons:

  • The domain name was previously registered by a trademark owner in the Sunrise Period;
  • The domain name is reserved for use by the City of Boston;
  • The domain name is a premium .boston domain name;
  • ICANN requires this domain name to be temporarily reserved as part of its framework for mitigating the risk of domain name collisions.

Some of the names that are reserved as part of ICANN’s plan for mitigating domain name collisions that are not otherwise reserved by the city or the registry may be released upon completion of the mandatory reservation period, which concludes on November 16. We will make more information available on our FAQ page once the process for releasing these names are made known.
We may also make premium .boston names available for registration at a later date. We will provide more information regarding premium domain name sales here as these domains are made available.




Who is qualified for general availability?

All businesses, organizations and individuals shall be entitled to register .boston domain names in real-time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any additional policies for general availability?

For the first ninety (90) days of General Availability, in the event that a domain name registrant applied for a domain name that is an exact match of a trademark appearing in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the registrant will receive a notice about that trademark during the registration process and asked whether or not it wishes to proceed with the registration. If it does, the name will proceed to registration, but may subsequently be challenged by the Trademark owner through an ICANN dispute resolution procedure if the name is likely to cause confusion with the trademark.

When does general availability begin?

General Availability opens October 10th 2017 at 15:00:00 UTC.

What is the general availability price for a .boston domain name?

General Availability pricing will be set individually by .boston Registrars and Resellers. The Registry charges all registrars an identical wholesale fee, which is factored into the price paid by .boston registrants, but each registrar may determine its own markup. The fees charged by the registry are around $15,per domain. Please note that this pricing is the wholesale price – each registrar determines the retail price they will charge. Please check with your registrar for further details regarding the price of .boston domain names.



How can I transfer my .boston domain name to another domain name registrar?

To transfer your domain name to another registrar, you will need an Authorization Code (also called “Auth-Code”) – or domain password for verification and security purposes. Please contact your registrar to begin a transfer request and receive current registrar transfer policies. For security purposes, the .boston Registry does not issue or confirm Auth-Codes to registrants for registered .boston domain names.

What do I do if my .boston has expired?

If your domain name expired, you need to contact your registrar about renewing. If you don’t know who your registrar is, you may search the WHOIS database for your domain name. The results will show the registrar responsible for registering your domain name so that you can contact them.

What should I do if someone infringes on a trademark I own with a .boston domain name?

If you believe that your trademark rights are being infringed upon by someone who has registered a .boston domain name, you can contact the domain owner directly by finding their contact information on the .boston WHOIS. If direct contact does not resolve the conflict, then you have the option to utilize the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) or the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) which have been mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for domain dispute resolution.

Who do I contact for Abuse?

For abuse claims or technical inquiries regarding the .boston registry, please contact the Registry Services Team.

Registry Services Team
2155 E GoDaddy Way,
AZ 85284 USA



How do I become a .boston accredited registrar?

Direct Accreditation is available solely to ICANN Accredited Registrars. For more information on ICANN Accreditation, please go to ICANN’s website at If you are already an ICANN Accredited Registrar, you may contact us to get more information on the technical requirements and policies for the accreditation process to offer .boston domain names to your customers or resellers.

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